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Over the years, the word "abstinence" has appeared frequently on the Internet, and many people associate it with beautiful men, feminine and indifferent sex. In fact, it is not. Contrary to indulgence, profligacy and pleasure, the deeper meaning behind abstinence

in recent years, the word "abstinence" has appeared frequently on the Internet, and many people associate it with beautiful men, feminine temperament and sexual indifference. In fact, it is not. Contrary to indulgence, extravagance and pleasure, the deeper meaning behind abstinence is often a restrained and self-discipline attitude towards life. Speaking of life attitude, yesterday was world environment day, and the increasingly serious environmental problems were once again put in front of us. Every drop of water we waste, every step of the accelerator we step on, and every consideration of the "generosity" behind "face" may be harm to our earth home

as the master of the new era, living in cities with excess materials, excessive greed for materials will only make people tired and degrade the quality of life

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we use bicycles instead of cars to travel, and we use "enough to eat" instead of extravagance and waste. We would rather choose less and high-quality consumption than quantity and quality consumption, because behind every product is the consumption of materials. Even in the field of home design, we also replace flashiness with simplicity and practicality. It is in line with this attitude and lifestyle that modern simple style home design is also widely favored by young people

perhaps what we need more is restraint and self-discipline. There is no magnificence of classical style, nor indifference and dryness of Nordic style. Modern simple style is more like a compromise and balance, like the result of designers' thinking about the era of excess material


the first impression of the room behind the door is "abstinence". The gray wood floor with smooth texture and simple decoration make the whole house feel clean and pure

the porch cabinet with smooth surface is cut into several pieces by the door crack. It is designed in combination with the small wall type card holder. It has an atmospheric appearance and powerful function. It is like a straight doorman against the spotlight, giving people a sense of security and dependence


from the porch to the guest restaurant, a large area of white and dark coffee collocation runs through the whole room. No matter the modern style of dining tables and chairs, or the Prague series of wall entry side cabinets, there is no redundant or complex color matching

The leisure area surrounded by gray L-shaped fabric sofa in the living room also gives people a quiet and comfortable feeling. The whole wall TV cabinet is integrated with the wall, and the hollowed out part is placed with TV and decorations. Whether you are lying on the sofa or eating in the restaurant, you can enjoy the experience of home theater at any time

living room balcony

if you want the appearance style of balcony cabinet to be consistent with that of guest restaurant, the cabinet can be just "stuffed" into the living balcony, and it is just suitable for the size of washing machine, customization is an ideal choice

the master bedroom

the restrained color method like the guest restaurant is still extended to the master bedroom by the designer, but the proportion of white and pink gray is increased, and then dotted with small areas of yellow and malachite green, the overall feeling is more clear and open

the cloakroom basically adopts a closed to the top design, so you won't see redundant carvings, blister lines and other decorations, or even common wardrobe handles. The cool press cabinet door design allows your fingertips to experience the pleasure of "opening at one touch" at any time

The impetuous adolescence needs more restraint and self-discipline. The small room with high cold gray as the theme color is always reminding you to think independently. Appropriately using yellow soft decoration elements to brighten the space and complement the black-and-white sliding door wardrobe. How to retract and release freely between indulgence and restraint must be a compulsory course for youth

guest room

if you are lucky enough to stay here for one night, you must feel the host's distinctive attitude towards life. Tatami and whole wall lockers are integrated, with minimalist color schemes, simple black-and-white photo walls, light blue striped bedding, layered lighting It embodies the life taste of taking simplicity as beauty everywhere


in the lifestyle of "abstinence Department", although they all advocate not being greedy for materials, their pursuit of the spiritual world has never stopped. The compact double desk and hanging cabinet design can meet the home office needs of a white-collar family. If you want to cultivate children's musical talent, you can also place a piano or other musical instruments. In short, to be restrained and self disciplined, the cultivation of connotation is essential

indulgence will only aggravate the contradiction between people and the environment. What we can do is to strive to improve our lifestyle. Living with restraint and self-discipline does not mean reducing the quality of life. On the contrary, we can get rid of unnecessary parts or behavior habits by screening materials, which can not only make our life more quality, but also contribute to the protection of the environment. Environmental protection furniture I choose Deville mall Customization hotline: 400-8822-118 adhere to environmental protection! Start with you and me~





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